Travel Blues

It seems as if my vacation is experiencing a cold blast. Yes, even here in Costa Rica it has been rainy and cold for the past few weeks. I am well aware, before you stop reading, that I am not in the frigid, cold north from where I came. However, relative to the weather I... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips: Saving Money Shortcuts

I can’t really count how much money I’ve spent travelling but I’m certain over the last 12 years, it adds up to a lot. Flights, accommodations, entertainment, transportation and all those travel expenses, expected and unexpected, add up. At some point you will have to make a choice: Save your money wisely or spend your... Continue Reading →

Jungle Moments

The sun was slowly setting, and I took a shower outside! It is like stolen moments on vacation, but this is my life. The different hues of green, the freshness of it, the nakedness of it, the pure rawness of it. Words can hardly describe the feeling. And it was a cold shower too, with... Continue Reading →

Love Things

Travelling is the best thing I have ever done in my life. It literally has led me to many places physically and metaphorically. Most of the time you hear people remark how “everyone should travel” or “travelling changed my life”. I wholeheartedly agree. The experiences I have had and the memories I have created are... Continue Reading →

Mode of Transportation

            Have you ever experienced something that you believe isn’t just a coincidence? Whether it is major or something subtle, I experience these once in a while...             Living in the small beach town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, as a single young woman with nothing but time, I got myself a cute beach cruiser to... Continue Reading →

Finding Yourself

        Finding Yourself. That’s the phrase isn’t it? To justify travelling around, perhaps not living everyone else’s idea of life. Taking off into the sunset with a backpack and literally chasing your dreams. Seems like a pretty picture but those friends and loved-ones aren’t making that decision lightly. It takes a lot... Continue Reading →

Rainy Season

Costa Rica receives A LOT of rain. It is a tropical region; a jungle in fact. I live on the Caribbean coast and we usually see a lot of rain here. At the moment, we seem to be having a dry spell because technically we are right into the rainy season and it is very... Continue Reading →

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